Privacy Policy


What do we collect from user and why ?

Bulale collects information about you when you use Bulale App.Bulale uses different perrmissions to provide the best user experience to their users.

Why do we use Location service ?

We collect Precise location from driver and display the accurate location to user to provide certain amount of facility and security to the user to track where exactly they are going. and to save time when user wants to know weather his driver is arriving or not he/she can check straight away from mobile app. and hence we collect location information from driver and send it to users.

Why do we use Contact information permission ?

When driver is arriving delayed we need uses to place call from the mobile app directly without copying number of driver manually and waste time so we provide a medium for user to call driver and same way when driver is arrived and he can not find user he can use call button to call the user directly without copying it manually.

Why do we use Device permission ?

We need to store device information of users like deviceid,platform,os version. so in future when User faces crashes in app or any kind of mischief activity customer find in app and report to us we can do detailed debugging using that device information.